Pastel Smoky Ink


Pastel Purple

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We now offer 11 more pastel-colored ink for the perfect Easter and Spring marble designs.


Blending Instruction Card is included with six colors or more and with the Full Set purchase. 



There will be incidents where some of our inks would leak upon receipt. Don't worry; this is normal during transportation as different pressure may cause this to happen. Wear gloves and carefully remove the bottle from the protected zip bag, wipe the leaked ink with rubbing alcohol, and repeat wiping if necessary. Then either let air dry or wipe dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.



1. Apply your choice of gel color (it shows better on lighter colors, then cure 30-60s under LED.
2. Apply matte gel top coat, cure 1 minute, and MUST wipe off with alcohol even if it's a non-wipe.
3. Apply your choice of EV Smoky Ink, and mix 2-3 colors for your creativity.
         4. Use a round brush with a small amount of blending liquid to dispense the         layers of colors to create various patterns.
         5. Wait 3-5 minutes for the design to be completely dry before applying non-wipe glossy or matte gel top coat; cure 30-60s.